What to Expect During A Vision & Hearing Screening
By Southwest Children's Clinic
December 21, 2022

The pediatric team at the Southwest Children's Clinic, in West Jordan, UT is a seasoned, experienced, licensed, and board-certified group of pediatric physicians dedicated to children's healthcare needs including hearing and vision. This group of doctors formed a strong foundation for our children's clinic, built on compassion, knowledge, and supporting the highest quality of care for children.

Vision & hearing screenings need to start in infancy and continue at least yearly throughout adolescence.

What Can a Parent and Child Expect During the Child's Vision & Hearing Screening? 

Vision & hearing screening allows our doctors to diagnose and treat an infant at about six months of age. Early detection prevents negative effects on the child.  All vision and hearing tests are pain-free and comfortable for the child, no matter their age.

Hearing Screening Steps

The doctor gathers your child's health history from you while listening to your concerns. The doctor may or may not perform the following tests.

  • Otoscope Testing
  • Tympanometry Testing
  • Otoacoustic Emission Testing
  • Visual Reinforcement Audiometry Testing
  • Conditioned play audiometry
  • Conventional or Voluntary Testing 

Vision Testing

Each vision test type is age-related according to how the child can respond. Often, the doctor devises a game for the child during vision testing to gain full cooperation with the child.

  • Clear Distance Testing
  • Change in Focus Testing
  • Aiming the Eye Testing
  • Testing for Eye Movement
  • Depth Perception Testing
  • Peripheral Vision
  • Eye-Hand Coordination
  • Visual Memory

Assure that Your Child's Hearing and Vision are Spot-On 

Our pediatricians at the Southwest Children's Clinic in West Jordan, UT at (801) 563-1975 await your call for a vision and hearing screening for your child. Please do not delay making that vital appointment for your child's vision and hearing screenings. Help us diagnose and treat possible vision and hearing issues before they become bigger issues for your child.