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The Importance of Immunization: Protecting Against Infectious Diseases

As a parent, it’s your job to make sure that your child is protected against various issues they may come in contact with. It can be hard to do this Read More

The Importance of Early Childhood Vaccinations

Children are one of the most vulnerable age groups because a child’s immune system is not as well developed as that of an adult. Early childhood vaccinations play an important Read More

Childhood Obesity: Causes, Risks, and Strategies for Prevention

Childhood obesity affects approximately 30% of children in the U.S., and numbers continue to rise. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), obesity is one's body mass Read More

Understanding Sports Physicals and Your Child’s Health

When your child is looking to start participating in sports at school, it’s important that you make sure that they’re healthy and that there aren’t any underlying conditions that could Read More

Hearing Screening in Infants: A Crucial First Step

Many children don't realize they have issues with their hearing until they begin to struggle in the classroom. Hearing problems can often be confused with other learning or developmental disorders, Read More

Common Concerns Addressed in Prenatal Visits

When you find out that you are pregnant it's easy to get carried away and start making a million plans. But before you get too carried away an important first Read More

The Role of the Pediatrician in Sports Physicals

When your child decides that they want to participate in sports, most schools will require them to undergo a sports physical. This helps ensure that your child is healthy and Read More

Best Ways To Prevent Ear Infections

Ear infections are common in children because their ears are not fully developed, and it can be difficult to properly drain fluid. Ear infections can be brutal, and it can Read More

The Importance of Regular Pediatric Visits

A pediatric visit at Southwest Children's Clinic is a comprehensive healthcare appointment tailored to meet your child's needs. During these visits, skilled pediatricians conduct thorough physical examinations, address developmental milestones, Read More

The Role of Pediatricians in Early Childhood Development

Monitoring your child’s development is an important part of what a pediatrician does. It’s important to visit your pediatrician, because child development is a complex area and needs the expertise Read More

What Sports Physicals Can Tell You About Your Child's Overall Health

Sports physicals are comprehensive medical exams assessing your child's overall health and fitness before engaging in organized sports activities. These exams ensure that your child is physically prepared for the Read More

Promoting Mental Health in Children

You want your child to be healthy, and an important part of good health is great mental health. Promoting mental health in your child is one of the most important Read More

Tips To Help Your Child Eat Healthier

Caring for your child involves many decisions each day. One of the most important things that you can do is ensure that they’re getting the right nutrition and that they’re Read More

Sports Injuries in Kids: Prevention and Treatment

Child sports injuries refer to physical harm in children while participating in sports and recreational activities. They can range from minor bruises to painful conditions, affecting muscles, bones, and joints. Read More

The Importance of Well Care Visits for Adolescents

Find out why visiting the pediatrician is just as important for teens. We all know just how important it is to bring newborns and children to the pediatrician’s regularly, but we Read More

Common Childhood Illnesses: Prevention, Treatment, and When To See the Pediatrician

Our team at Southwest Children’s Clinic – your pediatrician in West Jordan, UT – is here to help keep your kids healthy and thriving. Common Childhood Illnesses: Treatment and Prevention Children can Read More

Viewing 1 - 16 out of 52 posts


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