About Sports and School Physicals
By Southwest Children's Clinic
March 23, 2015
Category: Children's Health
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Find out everything you and your child need to know before they get their sports or school physical.

Before your child heads to school or starts to participate in sports, their school or sports team will most likely require them to have a Kids Sportsphysical examination. This is standard for any child under the age of 21. Find out everything you need to know about both school and sports physicals so you and your child will be prepared when you come in to see your West Jordan pediatrician.

What are sports and school physicals?

Even though every school and sports association may have different requirements for their physicals; across the board, this is a time for your West Jordan pediatrician, you and your children to come together to talk about your child’s health. A physical is meant to make sure that your child is healthy enough for the physical activities they want to participate in.

During your visit your pediatrician will also go over your child’s extensive medical history to make sure all information is up-to-date. We can even discuss with you the different ways to keep your child safe and healthy while playing sports to prevent injuries.

Who should get a physical?

Many schools or sports associations require that your child get a physical examination each year. However, you will want to contact them first to find out their personal requirements. Most likely, your child will need to get a physical each year before returning to school or before participating in sports again.

Sports and school physicals are available at your West Jordan pediatrician for all children under the age of 21. Contact us beforehand to get any forms or paperwork to fill out before you come to our office. This will help to expedite your child’s next visit by ensuring that all paperwork is filled out ahead of time and brought in with you.

If it’s time to schedule your child’s sports or school physical with their West Jordan pediatrician, then contact Southwest Children’s Clinic today.