Check In

In order to decrease the number of families that are in our waiting rooms, we are asking parents to call us from the parking lot upon arrival at 801-563-1975, Ext. 203. Once you call us from the parking lot, you will be marked as arrived. When we are ready to check you in for your appointment, we will call you to come in and complete the check-in process with the front desk and be taken back by the medical assistant. This will eliminate patients waiting together in the waiting room.

Separating well and sick patients

As per our usual SWCC practice, well and sick patients will continue to have separate waiting areas in our spacious waiting room.  Well and sick patients will enter the medical area of the office through different doors and using different hallways. Well and sick patients will be seen on separate sides of the clinic, using separate check in equipment.


We are grateful every day for you entrusting your beautiful children to the care of Southwest Children’s Clinic. We love your family and look forward to seeing you and your children soon for your routine well care.

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