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By Southwest Children's Clinic
December 27, 2022

West Jordon, Utah's Leading Child Well-Care Experts

West Jordon, UT, is home to a licensed, established, seasoned, and highly skilled group of pediatric physicians known throughout the communities they serve at Southwest Children's Clinic.

Our pediatricians stress the importance of well-child care exams. Read on to understand why these exams are so vital.

Essential Factors for Well-Child Exams

The pediatric physician team that makes up the Southwest Children's Clinic in West Jordan, UT, firmly believes that well-child care exams are important. 

You must ensure that your child receives excellent healthcare. Never wait until your child is ill to take them to the doctor. Southwest Children's Clinic believes in preventing illness before it gains a foothold in your child. The following are a few important reasons. 

  • We track your child's growth and stages of development to see if your child remains within the national averages for growth and development. A well-child care visit helps to uncover any underlying medical issues that require our attention.
  • We can assess and treat any physical, behavioral, or emotional issues.
  • Your child receives vital immunizations.
  • Your child must have a vision and hearing screening at least yearly.
  • Exams help to uncover any potential health issues.
  • We assess their skeletal system.
  • Wellness exams set the foundation for a lifetime of excellent health.

Never Neglect Yearly Child Well-Care Visits

Every question you have is vital to us. Additionally, we plan to discuss the following issues with you so we can keep your child on the right wellness path.

  • Expected developmental milestones
  • Safety
  • Sleep patterns
  • Family relationships
  • School
  • Socialization

In addition, we have a list of helpful community services should you need referrals for anything related to your child. Excellent child wellness starts with yearly well-care visits. And, of course, we are always here for you and your child should you need to schedule a visit between well-care appointments.

Give our esteemed doctors a call today to schedule well-child care exams. Our pediatricians at Southwest Children's Clinic in West Jordan, UT, at (801) 563-1975 say it is never too late in your child's life to set a standard of care for a lifetime of excellent health and wellness.