What Occurs During a Well-Child Check Up
By Southwest Children's Clinic
April 26, 2022

Taking care of your children requires working with a clinic team you can trust. For example, we at Southwest Children's Clinic can provide a child check-up in West Jordan, UT, which may help you take better care of your child and their overall health. Here's what you need to know about this process, including how it may help your child manage a multitude of serious health concerns.

Health Assessments

During your child's initial checkup, your doctor will perform many tests. They start by taking their vital statistics, including height, weight, hearing, and vision screenings. They then perform various physical examinations and provide immunization if your child needs an update on their vaccines.

These simple tests help to track a child's overall development and see if it is on par. They can help spot and track any delays in development and make it easier for parents to understand their child's health. In this way, a checkup may help you keep on top of your child's care needs more effectively.

Important Health Discussions

After the physical during your child's check-up in West Jordan, UT, your doctor will sit down and talk with you about your child's health. They'll cover many topics to ensure that everything gets discussed. These include things like nutrition, sleep, safety, physical health, and mental development.

Your doctor may also discuss your child's growth, discuss any family relationship problems, help you prepare for school, and connect you with the proper community services in your area. In this way, you can help your child transition to their school years with minimal challenges.

Follow-Up Scheduling

After your first check-up after birth, your doctor will schedule all other checks. They start by performing at least six different checkups before they reach the age of one. That early year is so important in childhood development, and spotting early warning signs can improve their health.

Afterward, your child will get two more checkups before they turn two, at which point their development progress should be fairly obvious. Your doctor can then schedule one meeting per year, typically until your child is 21 years old. At this point, they progress to adult-based medical care for the rest of their life.

Take Care of Your Child

At Southwest Children's Clinic, our diverse doctor team can provide a child check-up in West Jordan, UT, during each of your child's milestones. We'll schedule appointments to cover all important topics, provide immunizations as needed, and do everything we can to help your child. Please call us at (801) 563-1975 to get the help that you need. We'll do what we can to make this process smoother.