What Are the Benefits of Sports Physicals
By Southwest Children's Clinic
October 13, 2022
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Having your children be physically active can help improve their overall health and being involved in team sports can be an excellent social experience. But whether they're playing football or are just involved in PE, many schools typically require a sports physical at the beginning of the school year. There are many benefits of getting a sports physical, some of which will be outlined below but you can learn much more by getting in contact with your local West Jordan, UT, pediatricians of Southwest Children's Clinic.

Avoid Complications

A sports physical is a great way to make sure that your child can safely take part in physical activities and sports, and it's often a requirement for taking part in team sports.

But the results of a sports physical aren't necessarily meant to keep your child from taking part in play. In fact, even if your child does suffer from a health condition that can impact their health, learning about it through a sports physical can allow their doctor to manage the condition. Asthma is a good example of this, children with asthma can take part in just about every physical activity like other children, they just require monitoring and medication to manage their symptoms.

Although they are not meant to take the place of traditional checkups, sports physicals can allow your child's doctor an opportunity to check for health conditions like asthma and others, examine them for musculoskeletal issues, and to develop a treatment and management plan as early as possible. Many pediatricians allow for scheduling both the annual screening and sports physical in the same visit if you do it with enough time, so call ahead and find out if this is something your local office offers.

Sports Physicals in West Jordan, UT

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