Children Wellness Checkups
By Southwest Children's Clinic
June 23, 2020
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Naturally, children require more wellness visits when they’re younger since childhood is marked by a period of rapid changes and growth. Each wellness checkup entails a thorough physical examination performed by your pediatrician here at Southwest Children’s Clinic in West Jordan, UT.

During the exam, your West Jordan UT pediatrician assesses your child's development and growth to identify and/or prevent any issues. Vision, hearing, and other screening exams are part of these checkups.

What to Expect During a Child Wellness Checkup

Even for healthy children, wellness checkups are an excellent time to pay ample attention to their wellness. During these checkups, you can speak freely with your West Jordan Ut pediatrician about ways to prevent issues and improve care to keep your children healthy.

You can discuss things like your children’s sleep patterns, behavior, safety, eating habits, any illnesses, and what you can expect as your kids grow. Make sure to write down specific concerns and questions so that you won’t forget to bring them up during your discussion with your pediatrician. You’ll also discuss wellness topics including school, your children’s emotional health, and family relationships.

Your West Jordan UT pediatrician will likewise pay attention to your children’s development compared to standard developmental milestones. Your children’s head circumference, weight, and height are recorded for future comparisons. You’ll also learn about your child's BMI or body mass index curve, which is a crucial tool for preventing and identifying childhood obesity.

The Well-Child Checkup Schedule

Once your child is born, the succeeding visit will be about two to three days or a week after you’ve brought your baby home. Following this visit, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that wellness checkups occur:

  • Every two to three months following birth until two years
  • Every six months after age two
  • Annually from age three until 21 years old

Your West Jordan UT pediatrician might have you skip or add extra visits depending on the health of your child. Take note though that you should consult with your pediatrician any time your child appears ill or presents concerning symptoms.

Also, you should consider visiting a pediatrician even before your child is born if:

  • You have a high-risk pregnancy
  • You’re a first-time parent
  • You have any issues or questions about general child health problems, feeding, newborn care, and circumcision among others.

For More Details on Children Wellness Checkups, Reach Out to Us

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