Treating ADHD
By Southwest Children's Clinic
October 10, 2017
Category: Children's Health
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Are your child’s outbursts and attention issues the result of ADD or ADHD?adhd

While it’s normal for children to act out, misbehave or have difficulty concentrating at times, if these are issues that show up rather regularly then you may be wondering whether this is just a personality trait or if it could actually be characteristic of ADHD. Our West Jordan pediatricians are here to tell you more about ADHD and how it is treated.

What are the signs of ADHD?

First, it’s important that you are able to distinguish between a child’s occasional daydreaming and forgetfulness and classic symptoms of ADHD. ADHD, known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (and formerly known as ADD), can appear in different forms.

One child with ADHD may be fidgety and unable to sit still or concentrate while another child with ADHD may end up daydreaming through much of class and not listen to anything that the teacher is saying. Other children with ADHD may be both inattentive and also hyperactive.

The signs often appear before a child is seven years old. Of course, it is normal for younger children to have trouble paying attention or even sitting still. However, if they are old enough to understand and learn these habits but they are still facing challenges with these behaviors then it might be time to talk to our West Jordan, UT, children’s doctors about whether your little one might have ADHD.

How is ADHD treated?

There are a few different ways to handle ADHD in children and we can talk to you about the different options so we can choose the treatment or treatments that work best for them. In most cases, a prescription-strength stimulant like Adderall is typically prescribed to help a child stay focused. Of course, it’s important to note that medication can only solve some of the issues but isn’t the only way to improve ADHD symptoms.

Other ways to help reduce ADHD symptoms include:

  • Regular exercise
  • A healthy, balanced diet
  • Quality sleep
  • Behavioral therapy

We can provide you with a variety of ways to help positively reinforce good behaviors in your little one and ways to reduce problematic behaviors. Just remember that patience and consistency are key to change.

If your child is displaying symptoms of ADHD then it’s time you got an evaluation from a pediatrician you can trust. Call Southwest Children's Clinic in West Jordan, UT, today.