Symptoms that Signal a Visit to the Pediatrician
By Southwest Children's Clinic
February 09, 2015
Category: Children's Health

Whether you have one child or several, knowing which health concerns warrant a call to your child's West Jordan, UT pediatrician at Southwest Children's Clinic and which ones can be safely monitored at home is always a bit tricky. After all, you don't want to waste time and money on an appointment if it's nothing, but you also don't want to risk your baby's health either. Here are five health Sick childrenconcerns that generally do warrant a call.

High Fever

While a mild fever isn't cause for concern, a high fever or a fever that does not respond to at-home treatments like over-the-counter medication and cool baths can be. For infants under three months, call your child's West Jordan, UT pediatrician at Southwest Children's Clinic for any fever. For babies older than three months, call if the fever is high, your child is acting sick, or the fever doesn't go away within a couple of days.

Persistent Cold Symptoms

Colds are another very common health condition that usually are not cause for concern. If your child doesn't seem to get better with routine at-home care, however, don't hesitate to call the doctor to find out if something else is going on.

Diarrhea and Vomiting

One small case of diarrhea or vomiting won't hurt anything, but if your baby is repeatedly suffering from either, he or she may quickly become at risk for dehydration. Push plenty of fluids and call your child's West Jordan, UT pediatrician if the symptoms don't resolve themselves quickly.

Mysterious Rashes

Rashes are very common on newborns and babies, whose skin is still getting used to being out of the womb. Begin by looking up the rash online to find out if it is one of the common ones. If you cannot identify the rash, it is bothering your baby or if you are especially worried, come on in to Southwest Children's Clinic for a diagnosis.

When in Doubt, Call

Whether your child's symptoms are minor or severe, most doctors would rather you be safe than sorry. If you have any question about your child's health and you are worried, don't be afraid to call your child's West Jordan, UT pediatrician and ask. You'll have the peace of mind and advice you need, and your child will feel better in no time.