How to Prepare your Child for Immunizations
By Southwest Children's Clinic
February 09, 2022
Category: Child Safety
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Vaccines are very important, not only to protect the health of your child but to keep potentially dangerous diseases from running rampant. But this can be difficult to explain to a child whose only concern is the needle and how much that might hurt. You ease their anxiety by following some of the tips outlined below, but for further help with anything related to your child's immunizations you can contact your local West Jordan, UT, professionals from Southwest Children's Clinic.


You know your child better than anyone, some kids need a longer heads up about the upcoming immunization, while others benefit from just a few days' notice. But preparing them for the vaccine, and not springing it on them, will help to make sure this experience doesn't sour future ones.

For very young children you are probably safer telling them on the way to the doctor, or just prior to the shot itself, but some warning is important. For older children, it's usually recommended that you give them about a week to process and prepare.


It's also a good idea to actually discuss the vaccine with them, so if you bring it up make sure you are not in a rush and have enough time to also listen to their concerns.

Don't dismiss their fears, acknowledge them and let them know they are not alone. Many are afraid of needles, and many of these are also adults.

Remain calm during this conversation and know that anger, tears, and anxiety are all-natural reactions. But reassure them that you will be there for the entirety of the process.


This is perhaps most important for the younger kids, you can distract them by allowing them to bring a favorite toy or to wear a t-shirt they really like. Even older children can benefit by letting them watch a video or listen to music.

Watching the needle go in is rarely a good idea for kids already anxious.

Part of the preparation could also involve describing in detail what they can expect, talking about the steps without overemphasizing the shot itself.

A planned reward can also help, but make it something simple, as something too extravagant may have them wondering if they really should be afraid.

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