FAQ's when visiting the Pediatrician
By Southwest Children's Clinic
December 03, 2014
Category: Children's Health
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When choosing a doctor for your child, it’s only natural that you’ll have a lot of questions before settling on one. This is the person who your child will be seeing from birth to adulthood (age 18). Here are a few frequently asked questions that patients have when visiting your West Jordan, UT pediatrician, Dr. Pari Mashkuri of the Southwest Children's Clinic.

What Health Issues Do Pediatricians Address?
Here is a list of the issues that pediatricians commonly diagnose and treat in children:

  • acute and chronic illnesses
  • learning disabilities
  • behavioral issues
  • general growth and development 

Common services at the office of West Jordan, UT pediatrician Dr. Mashkuri include immunizations, physicals for youth athletes, general sick visits and regular wellness checkups. 

When Are Immunization’s Recommended?
Immunizations are recommended for school-aged children to prevent common illnesses (and the spread of them). Generally children are scheduled for different immunizations between ages 0-6 and 7-18. 

When Should I Bring My Child to the Doctor?
The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests a total of seven visits before a child is one year old, two more before the age of two, then yearly wellness checkups between the ages of two and 21 years of age. It’s advisable to bring your child in for an initial visit and evaluation of his or her overall health when you choose a new doctor. 

After that, there are a number of signs and symptoms that may necessitate a visit, including but not limited to:

  • not eating
  • not sleeping
  • abnormal breathing 
  • fever or bad cough
  • - any chronic symptoms that don’t seem to go away

The general rule of thumb is to follow your intuition as a parent to ensure your child’s continued good health and well-being.

A Pediatrician You and Your Child Can Count On
Your West Jordan pediatrician’s goal is to help ensure that children become happy, healthy and productive adults. It’s important to address a child’s mental and physical well-being from a very young age to avoid long-term issues. Contact this office at (801) 563-1975 to schedule a wellness checkup today. Online scheduling is also available at http://www.swcclinic.com .