FAQS about Childhood Immunizations
By Southwest Children's Clinic
May 01, 2019
Category: Children's Health

Here’s everything you should know about getting your child vaccinated in West Jordan, UT.

From infancy, your child should begin to get immunizations for protection against a variety of illnesses. While once serious and potentiallyvaccine life-threatening, the conditions targeted from these vaccines have largely been eradicated. Despite the amazing benefits of immunizations, we do understand that some parents may have questions or concerns about getting their children vaccinated. Read on to learn the answers to some common questions on the topic, and give our West Jordan, UT, pediatric office a call if you desire more information!


Why are vaccinations necessary?

Vaccinations have the ability to protect children from a number of serious and potentially fatal diseases. Some of these illnesses include polio, pertussis, diphtheria, meningococcal, and rubella. Even diseases like chickenpox, which may not be known to be life-threatening, are still responsible for thousands of hospitalizations and about one hundred deaths each year, despite a vaccine existing.


Are vaccines safe?

Yes. Vaccines have to undergo rigorous testing and the FDA must approve them before they can be administered to the public. Of course, as with any medication or treatment, some side effects can occur. Most of the time, these side effects include minor issues like redness, tenderness, or swelling near the injection site, which will go away in a couple of days.

Although serious reactions are rare, you can still talk to our West Jordan podiatrists about any concerns that you have before getting your child vaccinated.


How do shots work?

When an infection enters our bodies, our immune system begins to produce antibodies to fight the infection. These antibodies then remain in the body even once the infection has gone away, in order to protect you from being infected again in the future. This is known as immunity. By vaccinating your child, we are helping their immune system learn how to fight infection by providing it with the antibodies they need to protect them in the future.


Why does my newborn need so many doses of a vaccine?

As you might imagine, when your child is first born, their immune systems is quite fragile. Accordingly, it’s important that they receive certain vaccinations from the moment of infancy so that they can achieve immunity as soon as possible.


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